Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 172 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Bottom Dwelling Fish In North Atlantic
Solution: Haddock

Question: Capital Of Vatican City
Solution: Vatican

Question: Casket Messages From Mary Queen Of Scots
Solution: Letters

Question: Cous Cous Is The National Dish Of This Country
Solution: Morocco

Question: Emerson Radio Game Console Lasted Just 18 Months
Solution: Arcadia

Question: Found In Milk And Cheeses Helps Bones Grow
Solution: Calcium

Question: Hardest Known Gem The Birthstone For April
Solution: Diamond

Question: Harry Potter And The Hallows Has 2 Parts
Solution: Deathly

Question: In Mythology She Is Linked To A Box
Solution: Pandora

Question: Insect That Digs In Sand To Wait For Prey
Solution: Antlion

Question: It Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Solution: Absence

Question: John Is Pacha In The Emperors New Groove
Solution: Goodman

Question: Large Jug For Serving Juices In
Solution: Pitcher

Question: Largest Planet In The Solar System
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Magazine That Helps You Traverse TV Programming
Solution: Tv guide

Question: Novel By Jonathan Swift Gullivers
Solution: Travels

Question: One Is Worth A Thousand Words
Solution: Picture

Question: One Of The Phases Of The Moon
Solution: New moon

Question: Plastic Disc Tossed Between Players
Solution: Frisbee

Question: The April Ones Bring Forth May Flowers
Solution: Showers

Question: What Makes The Man According To Shakespeare
Solution: Clothes

Question: When I Kissed The ABBA Classroom Scandal Song
Solution: Teacher

Question: When One Thing Partially Covers Another
Solution: Overlap

Question: Word For Dogs Wolves Coyotes Jackals
Solution: Canines

Question: Quo One Thing For Another In Latin
Solution: Quid pro

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