Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 172 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Digit Is Usually A Or Toe
Solution: Finger

Question: After Motown Detroits Late 80s Music Genre
Solution: Techno

Question: Archaic Expression Like Hooray
Solution: Huzzah

Question: Dried Grape Used In Christmas Pudding
Solution: Raisin

Question: Engaged In Some Type Of Action Busy
Solution: Active

Question: First Of These Lights In 4th Century Syria
Solution: Street

Question: Icon Stand In Identity
Solution: Avatar

Question: Italian Cured Meat Used In Sandwiches
Solution: Salami

Question: Largest Feline In Americas Related To Leopards
Solution: Jaguar

Question: Least Cooked
Solution: Rawest

Question: Look Around A Shop
Solution: Browse

Question: Medium Sized Feline Found In America Bobbed Tail
Solution: Bobcat

Question: One Engaged In A Mutual Obligation To A Lord
Solution: Vassal

Question: Pirate Treasure Boxes
Solution: Chests

Question: Relating To Flowers
Solution: Floral

Question: Run Very Quickly
Solution: Sprint

Question: San Francisco Baseball Team NY Football Big Men
Solution: Giants

Question: Star Of The 1939 Film Goodbye Mr Chips Greer
Solution: Garson

Question: Structures That Perform A Special Task In The Body
Solution: Organs

Question: Texas Ranger Martial Artist Tough Guy Meme
Solution: Norris

Question: The Sad Donkey On Winnie The Pooh
Solution: Eeyore

Question: Witch Means Wise Woman In This Language
Solution: Wiccan

Question: Without Any Warning Or Indication
Solution: Sudden

Question: Black Sci Fi Drama About A Woman And Her Clones
Solution: Orphan

Question: NFL The Most Popular Football Game In The US
Solution: Madden

Question: And Jeckle Were Cartoon Magpies With Accents
Solution: Heckle

Question: Shopping Not Buying Anything Just Browsing
Solution: Window

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