Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 171 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Place Where Children Stay While Parents Work
Solution: Daycare

Question: Coati Are In The Raccoon Family
Solution: Mammals

Question: Colorful Disc Cookie With Filled Center
Solution: Macaron

Question: Container Used To Carry Water Used By Militaries
Solution: Canteen

Question: Desert And Reward Seldom Keep
Solution: Company

Question: Ex England Footballer David Also Lived In The US
Solution: Beckham

Question: Failure To Attend A Class
Solution: Absence

Question: Get Jokey Way Of Saying Get Married
Solution: Hitched

Question: Opening Or Closed Punctuation Mark Braces
Solution: Bracket

Question: Plains Of Victory By Wolfe Who Gained Quebec
Solution: Abraham

Question: Popular Red Pepper Typically Dried Aka Cow Horn
Solution: Cayenne

Question: Rapid Pulsation In The Heart Vibration
Solution: Flutter

Question: Sesame Seed Filipino Delicacy
Solution: Belekoy

Question: Spiritual Seeker One Who Practices
Solution: Abhyasi

Question: Suspected Supposed Action Crime
Solution: Alleged

Question: Swamp Boat Driven By Caged Airplane Propeller
Solution: Airboat

Question: Sweet French Treat Thats A Meringue Sandwich
Solution: Macaron

Question: The Queen Hepburn Missionary In Colony
Solution: African

Question: The Act Of Making Designs With Acid Or The Like
Solution: Etching

Question: The One The Groom Relies On To Have His Back
Solution: Best man

Question: Undergo The Process Of Sugar Changing To Alcohol
Solution: Ferment

Question: Weapon You Wouldnt Want In Hot Potato
Solution: Grenade

Question: George Cartoon About A Monkey Living In A Town
Solution: Curious

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