Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 171 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Winter Olympic Sport
Solution: Bobsleigh

Question: Christian Field Study Of Saints
Solution: Hagiology

Question: Cultural Political And Economic Center Of Sweden
Solution: Stockholm

Question: Dog Breed That Shares Name With A Mexican State
Solution: Chihuahua

Question: Established Way Of Doing Something
Solution: Procedure

Question: Eternal
Solution: Perpetual

Question: High School Science Course Substances
Solution: Chemistry

Question: K On Periodic Table Bananas Have A Ton
Solution: Potassium

Question: Large Seabird That Is Almost Extinct
Solution: Albatross

Question: Marvin Gaye Sang About This Source For Gossip
Solution: Grapevine

Question: Mattels Toy Car Line
Solution: Hot wheels

Question: Number Of People Who Die In A Certain Time Period
Solution: Death rate

Question: Old Firearm Where A Gunpowder Charge Is Ignited
Solution: Flintlock

Question: Popular US Fruit Juice Brand
Solution: Tropicana

Question: Roman Foot Soldier
Solution: Legionary

Question: Shark Tale Starred Renee As Angie
Solution: Zellweger

Question: Sports And Exercises Requiring Strength
Solution: Athletics

Question: TV Show Starring The Adventurer Bear Grylls
Solution: Man vs wild

Question: The King Of Crete Commanded The Building Of The
Solution: Labyrinth

Question: The Won The Academy Awards In 1961
Solution: Apartment

Question: The TV Show With Ozzy Sharon Jack And Kelly
Solution: Osbournes

Question: The Situation Of A Draw In Chess
Solution: Stalemate

Question: Tim Burton Directed Pee Wees Big
Solution: Adventure

Question: To Get Another Company To Do Part Of The Work
Solution: Outsource

Question: X Y And Z Coordinates Are All This
Solution: Dimension

Question: At Tiffanys Hepburns Iconic Movie
Solution: Breakfast

Question: International Cast 1966 Racing Movie
Solution: Grand prix

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