Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 170 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Nights Dream A Shakespeares Comedy
Solution: Midsummer

Question: A Holy City For Jews Christians And Muslims Alike
Solution: Jerusalem

Question: City Where Harry Potter Was Written In A Cafe
Solution: Edinburgh

Question: Device For Making Items Look Larger
Solution: Magnifier

Question: Diagnosis Of Disease Based On The Iris Of The Eye
Solution: Iridology

Question: Fair Exchange Is
Solution: No robbery

Question: Fork Makes Twirling This Pasta Easier
Solution: Spaghetti

Question: Former New York Yankees Baseball Player
Solution: Lou gehrig

Question: Green Plant You Kiss Under At Christmastime
Solution: Mistletoe

Question: He Played Will Truman On Will Grace
Solution: Mccormack

Question: Holly Protagonist Of Breakfast At Tiffanys
Solution: Golightly

Question: Journal Published Four Times A Year
Solution: Quarterly

Question: Kristin American Actress From Oklahoma
Solution: Chenoweth

Question: Lucky Talisman Tossing Game With Ringers
Solution: Horseshoe

Question: Muff Bungle
Solution: Mishandle

Question: Nickname Of The Middleweight Boxer Rubin Carter
Solution: Hurricane

Question: Nuuk Is This Chilly Danish Territorys Capital
Solution: Greenland

Question: Opposition To An Idea Leading To Violence
Solution: Hostility

Question: Pioneering US Inventor Now Brand Of Tractors
Solution: John deere

Question: Plant That Encourages Kissing At Christmas
Solution: Mistletoe

Question: Popular Casino Game Aka Twenty One
Solution: Blackjack

Question: Secure Place Where Goods Are Held Within A Store
Solution: Stockroom

Question: Style Of Jeans With Very Skinny Legs
Solution: Drainpipe

Question: Substance Kills The Organisms That Cause Disease
Solution: Germicide

Question: Symbol Of The UK
Solution: Union flag

Question: Trip Involving Parents Taking Kids To Be Educated
Solution: School run

Question: Walking At A Leisurely Pace
Solution: Strolling

Question: When A Person Is Given A Higher Rank At Work
Solution: Promotion

Question: William The Winner Of Battle Of Hastings 1066
Solution: Conqueror

Question: X Ray Of Your Blood Vessels With Dye
Solution: Angiogram

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