Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 170 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: An Island Republic Which Used To Belong To Denmark
Solution: Iceland

Question: Appendage Found In Cinemas Cars For Arms
Solution: Arm rest

Question: Ataris Game Centipede Makes Players Kill
Solution: Insects

Question: Beams Of Light That Penetrate Through The Clouds
Solution: Sun rays

Question: Charles Major Commanding The Nagasaki Bombing
Solution: Sweeney

Question: Epic Greek Tale Thats Paired With The Iliad
Solution: Odyssey

Question: Epic Tale By Homer In Which His Hero Faces Dangers
Solution: Odyssey

Question: Every One Hundred Years A New One Starts
Solution: Century

Question: Exercise Routine
Solution: Workout

Question: Flowering Part Of A Plant When Open
Solution: Blossom

Question: Fond Of Playing On Words
Solution: Punster

Question: French For Good Day
Solution: Bonjour

Question: Glands In The Body That Produce Different Hormones
Solution: Adrenal

Question: Millaiss Bevelveted Boy Appeared In Soap Campaign
Solution: Bubbles

Question: Now 1942 Film Inspired By Whitman Poem
Solution: Voyager

Question: Pitcherless Baseball For Little Kids
Solution: Tee ball

Question: Rotating Machine Invented In African Roman Empire
Solution: Turbine

Question: Shoes Designed For Long Distance Sport
Solution: Running

Question: Someone Who Sells Items In The Street
Solution: Peddler

Question: Something Odd Or Different
Solution: Strange

Question: The Movie Role Gave Foster Best Actress Oscar
Solution: Accused

Question: Totally Amazing
Solution: Awesome

Question: Utensil With A Flat End For Spreading Foods
Solution: Spatula

Question: Visible Part Of An Ant Colony Sticks Up Above Ground
Solution: Anthill

Question: Wax Sticks For Romantic Table Lighting
Solution: Candles

Question: Whales And Dolphins Are
Solution: Mammals

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