Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 169 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Take Me To Your Say Archetypal Aliens
Solution: Leader

Question: Averted Prevented Something Dangerous
Solution: Staved

Question: Canadian Soprano Of Titanic Soundtrack Dion
Solution: Celine

Question: Cruise Is Airman Who Loses Friend Goose
Solution: Top gun

Question: Element With The Lowest Boiling Point
Solution: Helium

Question: Family Name Of Pakistanis Zulfikar And Benazir
Solution: Bhutto

Question: Follow Up To An Original Book Or Film
Solution: Sequel

Question: Former Currency Of Spain
Solution: Peseta

Question: French Magazine For Personalities In The 1930s
Solution: Esprit

Question: Funniest Home
Solution: Videos

Question: Game Official Who Oversees Diamond Action
Solution: Umpire

Question: Giuseppe Led Italy To Two World Cup Victories
Solution: Meazza

Question: Greek Playwright Aristophanes Aka Father Of
Solution: Comedy

Question: Green Wormlike Dessert From SE Asia
Solution: Cendol

Question: High Pitched
Solution: Shrill

Question: Holy
Solution: Sacred

Question: How To Train Your Dragon 2 Has The Mother Of
Solution: Hiccup

Question: Joan Wrote The Year Of Magical Thinking
Solution: Didion

Question: King Arthurs Wizard
Solution: Merlin

Question: Large Divided Leaves
Solution: Fronds

Question: Lisa Played Phoebe In Friends
Solution: Kudrow

Question: Map Line Of Atmospheric Pressure
Solution: Isobar

Question: Middle Ear Bone Also Called The Stirrup
Solution: Stapes

Question: Narrow Blade Knife Used For Removing Bones
Solution: Boning

Question: Other Name For London Royal Opera House Garden
Solution: Covent

Question: Prehistoric Standing Stone Mostly In Celtic Lands
Solution: Menhir

Question: Seat Car Named After A City In Castile La Mancha
Solution: Toledo

Question: Sherlock The Devils Daughter Released 2016
Solution: Holmes

Question: Small Leaf Shaped Knife Used By Filipino Muslims
Solution: Barong

Question: South African National Park And Safari
Solution: Kruger

Question: Space David Bowie Song
Solution: Oddity

Question: Third Official Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty
Solution: Aurora

Question: Three Pigs Kids Classic 1933 Disney Film
Solution: Little

Question: Tim Directed Alice In Wonderland In 2010
Solution: Burton

Question: To Draw Liquid Through A Slim Tube
Solution: Siphon

Question: To Turn Something Upside Down
Solution: Invert

Question: Warm Like Grilled Bread
Solution: Toasty

Question: With Fawcett Brit Developer Of Polyethene
Solution: Gibson

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