Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 169 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Person Who Trains Lions
Solution: Liontamer

Question: Another Name For Bigfoot
Solution: Sasquatch

Question: Another Word For Doctor
Solution: Physician

Question: Farmhouse Barn And Other Buildings
Solution: Homestead

Question: Grape Wine With Long History In Central Italy
Solution: Lambrusco

Question: Ground Force Unit With Two Or More Companies
Solution: Battalion

Question: Less Strenuous Exercise Option
Solution: Low impact

Question: Obsession With Setting Fire To Things
Solution: Pyromania

Question: Ocean Inhabitant Related To Marlins
Solution: Swordfish

Question: Ohio Seat Of The Indians MLB Team
Solution: Cleveland

Question: Person Who Sells Or Gathers Fares On Public Transport
Solution: Conductor

Question: Public Display Of Also Known As PDA
Solution: Affection

Question: Separates Solids From Grease In An Engine
Solution: Oil filter

Question: Surname Of A Man Who Made A List That Saved People
Solution: Schindler

Question: These Were Used To Grind Grain And Pump Water
Solution: Windmills

Question: Type Of Hay Baler Invented In 1936
Solution: Automatic

Question: What A Champion Olympian Receives
Solution: Gold medal

Question: Zeta Jones Actress Of Chicago
Solution: Catherine

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