Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 169 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Detailed Report
Solution: Rundown

Question: A Long Passionate Kiss
Solution: Liplock

Question: A Style Or Method Of Cooking
Solution: Cuisine

Question: All Quiet On The Front Won An Oscar In 1931
Solution: Western

Question: Berry Bearing Plant From Cypress Family
Solution: Juniper

Question: Biliary System Is The Gall Bile Ducts And Bile
Solution: Bladder

Question: Blood Thirsty Parasitic Insects In Mattresses
Solution: Bed bugs

Question: Breakfast Snack Food Including Rolled Oats
Solution: Granola

Question: Emilio Charlie Sheens Brother
Solution: Estevez

Question: Fit For Kneeling On
Solution: Hassock

Question: Has A Hard Shell And White Milky Juice
Solution: Coconut

Question: Name Of The Military College Of South Carolina
Solution: Citadel

Question: Nationality Of The Author Leo Tolstoy
Solution: Russian

Question: On Fire Burning Fiercely
Solution: Blazing

Question: One Who Absconds And Flees Imprisonment
Solution: Escaper

Question: Scenes Shot For Movies Tv Shows Etc
Solution: Footage

Question: Skin Condition When You Are In The Sun Too Long
Solution: Sunburn

Question: Telling A Computer To Do Something
Solution: Command

Question: The Lightest Of All Metals
Solution: Lithium

Question: These Hold Breakfast While You Dip Toast
Solution: Eggcups

Question: Tidal Wave Caused By An Earthquake
Solution: Tsunami

Question: To Lift Up Raise To A Higher Place
Solution: Elevate

Question: To Set Upon Or Work Against Forcefully
Solution: Attacks

Question: Trade Difference Between Imports And Exports
Solution: Balance

Question: Typically Generally Normally
Solution: Usually

Question: Walter Won An Oscar For The Fortune Cookie
Solution: Matthau

Question: Hope All Ye Who Enter Here Dante Said Of Hell
Solution: Abandon

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