Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 169 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Gang Leader Or A Lighting Electrician
Solution: Gaffer

Question: Auto Cars Speeding After Each Other
Solution: Racing

Question: Crowded Full Of Moving People Or Objects
Solution: Aswarm

Question: Discrimination Due To Seniority In Years
Solution: Ageism

Question: Drinking Vessel With Saucer For A Hot Beverage
Solution: Teacup

Question: Egyptian God With The Head Of A Jackal
Solution: Anubis

Question: Flat Woolen Caps With Stalks Worn By The French
Solution: Berets

Question: French Painter Of Grande Odalisque
Solution: Ingres

Question: Life Forms That Originated On The Planet Earth
Solution: Humans

Question: Like Penguin Books But For Younger Readers
Solution: Puffin

Question: Nasty Word Spelled Backwards In The Shining
Solution: Redrum

Question: Not Yet Taken
Solution: Vacant

Question: Person Plays A Sport Of Balls With Holes And Pins
Solution: Bowler

Question: Small Drinking Device For Hot Beverage
Solution: Teacup

Question: Species From Planet Earth In The Solar System
Solution: Humans

Question: Staring Lustfully
Solution: Ogling

Question: The Cat Is Known For Its Hairless Skin
Solution: Sphynx

Question: Typically White Herons With Cascading Feathers
Solution: Egrets

Question: Water Slides Or Tubes At A Pool Or Water Park
Solution: Flumes

Question: In The Wind Elton John Song For Marilyn Monroe
Solution: Candle

Question: Nut Popular Cookie Also Called A Snap
Solution: Ginger

Question: Savory Leaves Also Known As Bean Herb
Solution: Summer

Question: Paper Roses A No 1 Country Hit For Marie
Solution: Osmond

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