Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 168 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Natural Or Artificial Jet Or Spring Of Water
Solution: Fountain

Question: Another Name For Baseball
Solution: Hardball

Question: Bugle Call Played At The Menin Gate
Solution: Last post

Question: Capital Of Sudan
Solution: Khartoum

Question: Eye Condition That Can Cause Loss Of Vision
Solution: Glaucoma

Question: Fish Able To Puff Itself Up To Look Large
Solution: Blowfish

Question: Heat Exchanger Cools The Engine Of A Car
Solution: Radiator

Question: Hindu Religious Offering Sweet Sugar Ball
Solution: Tarasari

Question: Homer Marge Bart Lisa And Maggie
Solution: Simpsons

Question: In A Circus The Area Behind The Big Top
Solution: Back yard

Question: Jewish Expression For Congratulations
Solution: Mazel tov

Question: Led Sued In 2016 For Copyright Infringement
Solution: Zeppelin

Question: Main Support Pole For A Circus Tent
Solution: King pole

Question: Main Support Pole For The Main Tent In Circus
Solution: King pole

Question: Mean Or Median Figures
Solution: Averages

Question: Rock Band That Stood Up Against Ticketmaster
Solution: Pearl jam

Question: Sea Is A Squishy Sausage Shaped Animal
Solution: Cucumber

Question: Small Body In Inner Solar System
Solution: Asteroid

Question: Song Recorded By Elvis Presley In 1956
Solution: Hound dog

Question: Sulfosalt Delisted As Mineral In 2006
Solution: Bursaite

Question: The First Full Length Pixar Film
Solution: Toy story

Question: The Ones Who Never Win
Solution: Cheaters

Question: The Park In Spielbergs Dinosaur Movie Was This
Solution: Jurassic

Question: Works With Elephants In A Circus
Solution: Bullhand

Question: Dancer Racehorse Won The 1964 Kentucky Derby
Solution: Northern

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