Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 168 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Alan Turings Codebreaking Park
Solution: Bletchley

Question: Ancient Asian Printing Invented In Han Dynasty
Solution: Woodblock

Question: Bees Are Found On Every But Antarctica
Solution: Continent

Question: Crested Penguin Species Native To New Zealand
Solution: Fiordland

Question: Digestive Organ Comes In Small Large Sizes
Solution: Intestine

Question: Era Marked End Of Stone Age Beginning Of Farming
Solution: Neolithic

Question: Glyph Added To A Letter
Solution: Diacritic

Question: Green Opaque Gem Named After A S American River
Solution: Amazonite

Question: Like A Bull In A Exuberantly Reckless
Solution: China shop

Question: Motion Picture Beaming Device Invented By Edison
Solution: Projector

Question: Netflix Show About A Blind Marvel Superhero
Solution: Daredevil

Question: Patron Of Milan And Opponent Of Arianism
Solution: St ambrose

Question: Popular West Coast Seaport In British Columbia
Solution: Vancouver

Question: Proper Name For The Little Bear Constellation
Solution: Ursa minor

Question: Purple Coneflower Drunk As Tea To Ward Off Colds
Solution: Echinacea

Question: Seattles Canadian Neighbor
Solution: Vancouver

Question: Seattles Seaport On The Border Near Canada
Solution: Vancouver

Question: Snow White Nemesis Who Hated Her Mirror The
Solution: Evil queen

Question: Someone Who Attends A Lot Of Social Events
Solution: Socialite

Question: State Where The Fictional Genoa City Is
Solution: Wisconsin

Question: The Moon Covering The Sun
Solution: Eclipsing

Question: To Lose Body Liquid
Solution: Dehydrate

Question: Lerche German Pastry Used To Use Lark
Solution: Leipziger

Question: Ideas Typical Of Old Fogeys
Solution: Hidebound

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