Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 167 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Passage Used By Pedestrians
Solution: Walkway

Question: Any Of The Instruments Used In A Kitchen
Solution: Utensil

Question: Appal Shock
Solution: Horrify

Question: Dead Man Sean Penn Is On Death Row
Solution: Walking

Question: Describes Feeling Of Hair Frizzy Fine Coarse
Solution: Texture

Question: Fish Live In Schools In Pacific And Atlantic
Solution: Herring

Question: Greek Goddess Of Grain And Crops
Solution: Demeter

Question: Green Leafy Vegetable Often Paired With Ricotta
Solution: Spinach

Question: Home The Final Part Of Something
Solution: Stretch

Question: Officially Agree
Solution: Approve

Question: People You Want To Celebrate New Year With
Solution: Friends

Question: Persons Real Name Not Pseudonym
Solution: Autonym

Question: Physical Or Online Place To Receive Correspondence
Solution: Mailbox

Question: Precursor To Paper Invented In Egypt In 3000 BC
Solution: Papyrus

Question: Raising The Temperature
Solution: Heating

Question: Small Oily Fish Packed In Cans
Solution: Anchovy

Question: Solar Are Covered With Toxic Mucus
Solution: Boxfish

Question: Streaming Site Originally Mail Order DVD Service
Solution: Netflix

Question: They Decide If Its Good Or Bad
Solution: Critics

Question: This South African Neighbor Also Had Apartheid
Solution: Namibia

Question: This Browsers Logo Is A Panda Not A Fox
Solution: Firefox

Question: This Browsers Logo Is Actually A Red Panda
Solution: Firefox

Question: Try Again If At First You Dont
Solution: Succeed

Question: Tube Used To Breathe Underwater
Solution: Snorkel

Question: Gere Pretty Woman Actor
Solution: Richard

Question: Leap 80s Time Travel Science Fiction TV Show
Solution: Quantum

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