Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 167 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Large Public Procession Of A Festive Nature
Solution: Parade

Question: Aka Polar Wool Insulating Synthetic Fabric
Solution: Fleece

Question: Allies In Their Native American Language
Solution: Dakota

Question: Bible Book Describes Settlement Of Canaan
Solution: Judges

Question: Canine Loves Snacks As Much As His Scruffy Friend
Solution: Scooby

Question: Common Pet Lizard With A Long Tail
Solution: Iguana

Question: Competitor Who Enters A Game To Cheat
Solution: Ringer

Question: Female Rulers Of Independent States
Solution: Queen’s

Question: Formerly In Prussia Gained Independence After WWI
Solution: Poland

Question: In Conclusion
Solution: Lastly

Question: Puducherry Once Pondicherry Part Of India
Solution: French

Question: Rapper Marshall Mathers III Aka
Solution: Eminem

Question: Road Runner Chaser Often Seen Falling Off Cliffs
Solution: Coyote

Question: Russia Annexed This Ukranian Peninsula In 2014
Solution: Crimea

Question: Scooping Constellation Can Be Big Or Small
Solution: Dipper

Question: Sister To Elle Fanning
Solution: Dakota

Question: Spanish Version Of A Soap Opera
Solution: Novela

Question: Steep Face Of Rocks And Soil
Solution: Cliffs

Question: They Make Socks Or Stockings Posher
Solution: Clocks

Question: To Sell Goods In Small Amounts
Solution: Peddle

Question: To Soak Up Liquid Sponge Or Towel
Solution: Absorb

Question: Violent Encounter Between Military Forces
Solution: Battle

Question: Wind Instruments Held To The Side Of The Face
Solution: Flutes

Question: Planet Worlds Largest Travel Guide
Solution: Lonely

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