Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 165 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Aesops Had The Ant And Grasshopper
Solution: Fables

Question: Black Seadevil Are Fish With Horrid Appearance
Solution: Angler

Question: Cave Water Jumping Extreme Sport
Solution: Diving

Question: Cooked Fruit With Sugar
Solution: Stewed

Question: Euthanasia Is Intentionally A Life Death
Solution: Ending

Question: Folding Table For Tube Watching
Solution: Tv tray

Question: German Encryption Machine Of WWII
Solution: Enigma

Question: German Name For WWII Prisoner Of War Camps
Solution: Stalag

Question: Get Money Back
Solution: Refund

Question: Greek God Of Upper Atmosphere And Light
Solution: Aether

Question: Holy Men Of Various Hindu Sects Devotee
Solution: Bhagat

Question: Joan Harsh Comedian Plastic Surgery Addict
Solution: Rivers

Question: Means Both To Separate And Hold Together
Solution: Cleave

Question: Nationality Of Louis XVI
Solution: French

Question: Natural Sweetener That Comes From Plant Leaves
Solution: Stevia

Question: Paper Showing Someone Paid A Fare Or Price
Solution: Ticket

Question: Patron Saint Of England St
Solution: George

Question: Philip H Cofounder Of Nike
Solution: Knight

Question: Pittsburgh Often Referred To As Three City
Solution: Rivers

Question: Plant Sucking Insects
Solution: Aphids

Question: RTF Rich Text
Solution: Format

Question: Rich Smooth And Velvety Made With Thick Dairy
Solution: Creamy

Question: Slight Difference In Shade Or Meaning
Solution: Nuance

Question: Sport Of Exploring Underwater
Solution: Diving

Question: Thing Or Event That Is Symbolic Of A Group
Solution: Iconic

Question: This Bell Of The Ball Pans Pixie Dust Friend
Solution: Tinker

Question: To Help Out
Solution: Assist

Question: Tubular Foam Piece Used In Pools And Lakes
Solution: Noodle

Question: Upmarket Swiss Ski Resort With Luxury Palace Hotel
Solution: Gstaad

Question: Eager Ruthless Gambler Fake Taxi Driver
Solution: Johnny

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