Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 164 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Formal Agreement Between Two Or More Nations
Solution: Alliance

Question: Agreement Between Nations To Work Together
Solution: Alliance

Question: Anagram Of A Side Bet A Very Prevalent Disease
Solution: Diabetes

Question: Australias Capital And Largest Inland City
Solution: Canberra

Question: Bank Account Abroad Common In Cayman Islands
Solution: Offshore

Question: Bartels Have A Dancing Mating Ritual
Solution: Dragonet

Question: California Domestic Cats Look Like A Leopard
Solution: Spangled

Question: Clapping At A Theatre Or Sports Event
Solution: Applause

Question: Driving Along
Solution: Motoring

Question: Formal Mans Shoe Named After UK Royal Residence
Solution: Balmoral

Question: French Pastry Cream Sometimes Mixed With Fruit
Solution: Chiboust

Question: GridIron Master Combines Chess With
Solution: Football

Question: Hackman Is Lost In Space In 1969 NASA Movie
Solution: Marooned

Question: High Speed European Road
Solution: Autobahn

Question: Infectious Disease Also Known By Variola
Solution: Smallpox

Question: Lightest Element Makes Up Water With Oxygen
Solution: Hydrogen

Question: Long Thick Pillows
Solution: Bolsters

Question: National Symbol Of Ireland
Solution: Shamrock

Question: Real Life Arabian Inspiration To A Film TE
Solution: Lawrence

Question: Sprinkling With Tiny Droplets
Solution: Spraying

Question: System Of Ideas Used To Justify Behaviour
Solution: Ideology

Question: Talk To The Dozen At Great Length
Solution: Nineteen

Question: The Title Of One Of Madonnas Tours Blond
Solution: Ambition

Question: These Kind Of Hours Fly Fast
Solution: Pleasant

Question: Inc Takes Place In Fictional Monstropolis
Solution: Monsters

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