Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 164 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: 1933 Film About A Captured Giant Ape
Solution: King kong

Question: A Heavy Duty Tape Has High Levels Of
Solution: Adhesion

Question: A Physical Desire Especially For Food
Solution: Appetite

Question: Amber Like Resin With Little Succinic Acid
Solution: Gedanite

Question: Animal With Long Nose Known For Eating Ants
Solution: Anteater

Question: Cable Stayed Suspension Bridge In New York City
Solution: Brooklyn

Question: City Home To The Canadian F1 Grand Prix
Solution: Montreal

Question: Comet Is A Smaller With A Forked Tail
Solution: Goldfish

Question: Commander William Riker Plays This In Star Trek
Solution: Trombone

Question: Conversion Deep Change
Solution: Metanoia

Question: Cross Country Skiing Plus Target Shooting
Solution: Biathlon

Question: French Delicacy Meaning Edible Snail
Solution: Escargot

Question: In A Non Existent Way Without Presence
Solution: Absently

Question: Ivy Basin
Solution: Plant pot

Question: John Starred In Gentlemans Agreement
Solution: Garfield

Question: Just Below The Emperor Austrian Title
Solution: Archduke

Question: Lady And 1955 Romantic Disney Film
Solution: The tramp

Question: Modern Cement Was Invented In 1845
Solution: Portland

Question: On Site Journalist
Solution: Reporter

Question: Prince William Is The Son Of Diana
Solution: Princess

Question: Real Madrids Football Rivals From Spanish Capital
Solution: Atl├ętico

Question: Roman Emperor Whose Wall Encircled The City
Solution: Aurelian

Question: Shard Of Wood
Solution: Splinter

Question: Stammers
Solution: Stutters

Question: The First Programmable Was Built In 1938
Solution: Computer

Question: Town In Belgium Where A Famous Battle Was Fought
Solution: Waterloo

Question: Tzadikim 36 Righteous People
Solution: Nistarim

Question: Way To Listen To Music Between LP Records And CDs
Solution: Cassette

Question: When Cinderella Lost Her Shoe
Solution: Midnight

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