Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 164 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: Antonym Of Awake
Solution: Sleepy

Question: Burnt Reddish Brown Color Pigment
Solution: Sienna

Question: Cartoon About A Group Of Elementary School Kids
Solution: Recess

Question: Christian Bale Plays In The Dark Knight Movies
Solution: Batman

Question: Coloring Boiled Eggs
Solution: Dyeing

Question: Domestic Feline Bred To Look Like A Jungle Cat
Solution: Bengal

Question: Entryway
Solution: Access

Question: French Cocktail Of Pastis Strawberry Syrup
Solution: Rourou

Question: Judd Pioneer Of Bromantic Comedy
Solution: Apatow

Question: Lacking The Ability To Do Something
Solution: Unable

Question: Murdered Assassinated
Solution: Killed

Question: One Of Snow Whites Friends Who Was Always Tired
Solution: Sleepy

Question: Punctuation Mark Joins Words
Solution: Hyphen

Question: Rolled A Ball At Pins In An Alley
Solution: Bowled

Question: Rotating Circles
Solution: Wheels

Question: Round Shape
Solution: Circle

Question: The Night Of The Tennessee Williams Play
Solution: Iguana

Question: Tracy Her Show Introduced The Simpsons
Solution: Ullman

Question: Party Community Royal Wedding Celebration
Solution: Street

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