Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 163 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: The Holy City In Shinto
Solution: Ise mie

Question: Actors Organization That Taught Method Acting
Solution: Studio

Question: Atlantic Wing Is A Bivalve Mollusc
Solution: Oyster

Question: Boardwalk Starring Steve Buscemi
Solution: Empire

Question: Carbolic Acid Synthesizes Plastics
Solution: Phenol

Question: Cold When You Suddenly Stop Doing Something
Solution: Turkey

Question: Dont Stand Underneath This Pointed Frozen Water
Solution: Icicle

Question: Egyptian Goddess Of Sky Sun And Sexuality
Solution: Hathor

Question: Footwear Label That Victoria Beckham Designs For
Solution: Reebok

Question: In Harry Potter Voldemorts Last Name
Solution: Riddle

Question: Mechanical Or Physical Malfunction
Solution: Glitch

Question: Military Force In Which Elvis Served 1958 60
Solution: Us army

Question: Part Of East China Sea Near Korean Peninsula
Solution: Yellow

Question: Put Under The Hatches
Solution: Stowed

Question: Remove Weaponry Or Win Over
Solution: Disarm

Question: Smelting Of Brownish Metal 5000 BC In Serbia
Solution: Copper

Question: Table Designed For Eating Meals
Solution: Dining

Question: Very Keen Eager WW2 US Marines Motto
Solution: Gung ho

Question: Woman With Flaxen Hair
Solution: Blonde

Question: You Can Purchase These On A Kindle
Solution: Ebooks

Question: Sports Stadium Located In Islamabad
Solution: Jinnah

Question: Chocolate Cake Looks Like A Small Volcano
Solution: Molten

Question: No 5 World Famous French Perfume
Solution: Chanel

Question: Of The Sun Is Ballards Autobiographical Tale
Solution: Empire

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