Codycross Fauna and Flora Group 161 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Fauna and Flora

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Codycross Fauna and Flora Answers

Question: A Cat In Gloves No Mice
Solution: Catches

Question: Alice In Wonderland Looking Glass Lewis
Solution: Carroll

Question: Beyonces Maiden Name
Solution: Knowles

Question: Broad Principle Or Thought
Solution: Concept

Question: Capital Of Costa Rica
Solution: San jose

Question: Ceremony For Someone Who Has Died
Solution: Funeral

Question: Comic Captain Fought Civil War Against Iron Man
Solution: America

Question: Eastern European Cabbage And Beet Soup
Solution: Borscht

Question: Examining A Corpse To Determine Cause Of Death
Solution: Autopsy

Question: Exhibit
Solution: Display

Question: Human Like Robot
Solution: Android

Question: Killed With His Wife For Lying To St Peter
Solution: Ananias

Question: Portable Locks Often Used With Chain Link
Solution: Pad lock

Question: Roasted Flatbread With Fillings From Russia
Solution: Qistibi

Question: Someone Guilty Of A Crime And In Prison
Solution: Convict

Question: Spots Add To His Her Beauty
Solution: Leopard

Question: The More The Rich Man Sublets Apt In Comedy
Solution: Merrier

Question: The Flag Fish Has Red And Yellow Stripes
Solution: Spanish

Question: The Art Of Shooting With A Bow And Arrow
Solution: Archery

Question: To Have Confidence In The Truth
Solution: Believe

Question: To Make Something Unusable Not Work Correctly
Solution: Disable

Question: Typical Height Rate Degree Nothing Special
Solution: Average

Question: Violent Spinning Storm
Solution: Tornado

Question: Garcia Marquez Mastered The Magic Realism
Solution: Gabriel

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