Codycross Farm Group 461 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Farm Answers

Question: Containers Used To Feed Babies Milk
Solution: Bottles

Question: Creature With Eagle Head And Lion Body
Solution: Griffin

Question: Ladys Hairdo That Looks Like An Insects Home
Solution: Beehive

Question: Lending A Hand
Solution: Helping

Question: Made An Estimate About How Large A Number Is
Solution: Guessed

Question: Not Employed
Solution: Jobless

Question: Ocean Where Hawaii Is Located
Solution: Pacific

Question: Only A Small Piece Of A Big Problem Tip Of The
Solution: Iceberg

Question: Standing Yoga Pose Or A Soldier
Solution: Warrior

Question: These Are Used To Feed Babies Milk
Solution: Bottles

Question: What Many Water Bottles Are Made Out Of
Solution: Plastic

Question: Word With The Same Meaning As Another Word
Solution: Synonym

Question: Beans Mexican Or Tex Mex Staple
Solution: Refried

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