Codycross London Group 481 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers London

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Codycross London Answers

Question: A Structure Over A River That You Cross
Solution: Bridge

Question: Also Known As Siddhartha Gautama
Solution: Buddha

Question: Firmly Fixed Supported
Solution: Steady

Question: Graphite Writing Utensil
Solution: Pencil

Question: Groups Of Bees
Solution: Swarms

Question: Newborns Infants
Solution: Babies

Question: The Capital Of England And The UK
Solution: London

Question: The Season In Which Flowers Bloom
Solution: Spring

Question: The Youngest Child In The Simpsons
Solution: Maggie

Question: Thrifty Sparing With Money
Solution: Frugal

Question: To Move Unsteadily Wobble
Solution: Teeter

Question: Top Model Married To John Legend Chrissy
Solution: Teigen

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