Codycross Farm Group 461 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Farm Answers

Question: A Deep Round Dish For Broth
Solution: Soupbowl

Question: Egg Whites And Sugar Dessert Cooked At Low Temps
Solution: Meringue

Question: Graphic Display Of Events In Chronological Order
Solution: Timeline

Question: Items To Wear
Solution: Garments

Question: Noisy White Birds Found On Beaches Or Coastlines
Solution: Seagulls

Question: Reading Something Quickly
Solution: Skimming

Question: Shopper In A Store
Solution: Customer

Question: State Of Being Smaller In Size Or Contracted
Solution: Shrunken

Question: Substance Used To Make A Chemical Reaction Faster
Solution: Catalyst

Question: Successful Singer Or Song Writer Of Popular Music
Solution: Hitmaker

Question: Those Who Watch A Show Or Play
Solution: Audience

Question: To Try Out For A Part In A Movie
Solution: Audition

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