Codycross Culinary Arts Group 139 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: A Plan Regarding Expenses And Revenue Or Income
Solution: Budget

Question: Adverb For Away Hence
Solution: Avaunt

Question: At The Back Of A Ship
Solution: Astern

Question: Country Better Known For Canal That Divides It
Solution: Panama

Question: Dance Form Favored By Edgar Degas
Solution: Ballet

Question: Deep Wide Pit From Which Stone Is Extracted
Solution: Quarry

Question: Doctor In First Year Of Training In A Hospital
Solution: Intern

Question: Fairies Are Said To Have Magical
Solution: Powers

Question: Hand Tools For Holding Turning Objects
Solution: Pliers

Question: Held As Holy Men By Hindus
Solution: Swamis

Question: Hits With A Stick
Solution: Whacks

Question: It Means Four In Spanish
Solution: Cuatro

Question: Large Drum Used By The Mongols In Battle
Solution: Naqara

Question: Metal Reddish Brown Color Can Be A Hair Color
Solution: Copper

Question: Metal Reddish Brown Shade Can Be A Hair Dye
Solution: Copper

Question: Mr Krabs Runs The Krab
Solution: Krusty

Question: On The Land Not Sea
Solution: Ashore

Question: Online Photo Sharing Social Media Site
Solution: Flickr

Question: Out Of Won The Academy Awards In 1986
Solution: Africa

Question: Red Berry Often Found On Top Of Sundaes
Solution: Cherry

Question: Red Fruit With A Stem Found On Top Of A Sundae
Solution: Cherry

Question: Rouse After A Period Of Sleep
Solution: Awaken

Question: Second Main Gas In Saturn
Solution: Helium

Question: TV Show About Unsolved Paranormal FBI Cases
Solution: Xfiles

Question: Baum Author Of The Wizard Of Oz Series
Solution: L frank

Question: Is A Game Of Assault And Defense
Solution: Asalto

Question: Wire Sharp Topped Fencing
Solution: Barbed

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