Codycross Sports Group 141 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: An Overpowering Emotion Or Exaltation
Solution: Ecstasy

Question: Calumny Defamation
Solution: Slander

Question: Common Water Vessel With Two Paddles
Solution: Row boat

Question: Country On West African Coast Capital Monrovia
Solution: Liberia

Question: Disco Brothers Sang About Stayin Alive
Solution: Bee gees

Question: Divide And
Solution: Conquer

Question: Due Fair Treatment Constitutional Right
Solution: Process

Question: Egyptian River Goddess Of Protection To Childbirth
Solution: Taweret

Question: Fortified Buildings
Solution: Castles

Question: Fruit With A Yellow Skin Resembles A Small Peach
Solution: Apricot

Question: Gelatinous Case Over A Dose Of Medicine
Solution: Capsule

Question: Horns On Animals In The Deer Family
Solution: Antlers

Question: Kiss The Stone An Irish Symbol Of Good Luck
Solution: Blarney

Question: Minature 3D Scene With A Painted Background
Solution: Diorama

Question: Moving Furtively
Solution: Lurking

Question: Plastic Disk For Tossing Between Players
Solution: Frisbee

Question: Presentation Using Streaming Media
Solution: Webcast

Question: Steel Bar Bent At One End Used As A Lever
Solution: Crowbar

Question: Temporary Dark Patch On The Sun
Solution: Sunspot

Question: To Ditch Circus Posters Instead Of Putting Them Up
Solution: Charley

Question: Used To Make Canoes Or Kayaks Move
Solution: Paddles

Question: Wheeled Device With Handlebars For Riding
Solution: Bicycle

Question: Veins Are Located On Either Side Of Your Neck
Solution: Jugular

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