Codycross Culinary Arts Group 138 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: Fever Caused By Airborne Fungal Spores
Solution: Valley

Question: Antonym Of In Front
Solution: Behind

Question: Barn Is Quarters For The Circus
Solution: Winter

Question: Collar Ring Shaft On A Pipe For Strength
Solution: Flange

Question: Demonstrations Of Refusing To Leave A Place
Solution: Sit ins

Question: Disease Was Typical Of Seamen Lack Of Vitamin C
Solution: Scurvy

Question: Existing In Fact Real
Solution: Actual

Question: Fictional Race Of Human Like Brutes
Solution: Yahoos

Question: From One Side To The Opposite One
Solution: Across

Question: Heavy Curved Object That Holds A Ship In Place
Solution: Anchor

Question: Koyukon Name For Alaskas Highest Mountain
Solution: Denali

Question: Long Rod Inserted Into Foods To Hold While Cooking
Solution: Skewer

Question: Look At Observe
Solution: Behold

Question: Pigs Represent In Asia And Europe Piggy Banks
Solution: Wealth

Question: Romeos Love
Solution: Juliet

Question: Samanthas Mother In Bewitched
Solution: Endora

Question: Simultaneous Discharge Of Firearms As In A Salute
Solution: Volley

Question: Super Busy
Solution: Hectic

Question: Taxi Always Sunny Star Married To Rhea Perlman
Solution: Devito

Question: The Force Awakens Is Set Years After Episode 6
Solution: Thirty

Question: The Middle Number In A Sorted List Of Numbers
Solution: Median

Question: The Middle Number Not The Average
Solution: Median

Question: Type Of Disco Dance With Its Own Song
Solution: Hustle

Question: Utensil Used To Remove Skin From Foods
Solution: Peeler

Question: Cord Nerve Tissue Protected By Vertebrae
Solution: Spinal

Question: Shrimpgoby Live With Snapping Shrimp
Solution: Arcfin

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