Codycross Culinary Arts Group 137 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: Acting On Instead Of Thinking First
Solution: Impulse

Question: Alcoholic Beverage Said To Lower Cholesterol
Solution: Red wine

Question: Also Called Malines
Solution: Mechlin

Question: Breaking The Sound 1952 British Film
Solution: Barrier

Question: Brush This Over Pastries To Give Color
Solution: Egg wash

Question: Brush This Over Pastries To Make Them Brown
Solution: Egg wash

Question: Covering In A Book That Binds The Pages
Solution: Binding

Question: Day Speculation Of Stocks Currencies
Solution: Trading

Question: Flowering Part Of A Plant When Open
Solution: Blossom

Question: Group That Had A Hit Song Called Penny Lane
Solution: Beatles

Question: Herbie Rides Again Is A Sequel To The
Solution: Love bug

Question: Least Nutritional Variety Of Lettuce
Solution: Iceberg

Question: Liquor Added To Orange Juice To Make An Ambassador
Solution: Tequila

Question: Phenomenon When Sunlight Is Blocked From A Planet
Solution: Eclipse

Question: Roger Swiss Tennis Champion
Solution: Federer

Question: Russian Author Lepidopterist And Synesthete
Solution: Nabokov

Question: Scheduled Combat Between Two People
Solution: Dueling

Question: Shadow Caused By The Moon Passing In Front Of The Sun
Solution: Eclipse

Question: Singer Whitney Houstons Cousin
Solution: Warwick

Question: Something Made From Clay And Fired In A Kiln
Solution: Ceramic

Question: Spectacles Lenses Mounted In A Frame
Solution: Glasses

Question: To Receive A Payment
Solution: Collect

Question: Zealous Supporter Of A Team
Solution: Fanatic

Question: Are Members Of The Peach Family
Solution: Almonds

Question: Or Perish
Solution: Publish

Question: Rockfish Are Dark Red And Tan
Solution: Madeira

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