Codycross Culinary Arts Group 137 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: 1940s 50s Working Class Slick Subculture
Solution: Greasers

Question: 1991s Hardball Was 1st In A Series Of Games
Solution: Baseball

Question: 1995 Poisonous Attack On Tokyo Subway Was With This
Solution: Sarin gas

Question: An African Ant Eater
Solution: Aardvark

Question: Another Word For A Singer
Solution: Vocalist

Question: Broken Down Like Food In The Body
Solution: Digested

Question: Cigarette Mascot Designed To Attract Children
Solution: Joe camel

Question: Farming Animals To Produce Offspring
Solution: Breeding

Question: Fiber Is The Part Of Food That Cannot Be
Solution: Digested

Question: Fragrant Flowers From South Africa
Solution: Freesias

Question: Grooming Hair Or Fur
Solution: Brushing

Question: He That Pitch Shall Be Defiled
Solution: Toucheth

Question: Issued Entry Passes
Solution: Ticketed

Question: Puts In Chains And Makes A Servant
Solution: Enslaves

Question: Second In Command In A Restaurant Kitchen
Solution: Sous chef

Question: Socrates Was Guilty Of Corrupting The Youth
Solution: Athenian

Question: The Worlds Athlete A 1973 Disney Tarzan Movie
Solution: Greatest

Question: The Act Of Sliding Down A Small Hill With Snow
Solution: Sledding

Question: The Capital Of Jersey
Solution: St helier

Question: Unintended Double Entendre Utterance Slip
Solution: Freudian

Question: Usually Two Days Shorter Than Any Other
Solution: February

Question: Wear On Go By Time
Solution: Tick away

Question: Gaps Found In The Distribution Of Semi Major Axis
Solution: Kirkwood

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