Codycross Culinary Arts Group 137 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: Bristle Tube Worm Has Long Hairs All Over
Solution: Headed

Question: Combo Dryer Complete Clothing Appliance
Solution: Washer

Question: Decorative Piece Of A Car Wheel
Solution: Hubcap

Question: Detective Harris Denzels Role In Training Day
Solution: Alonzo

Question: Egyptian God Of Embalming
Solution: Anubis

Question: Fancy Lady Hat Traditionally Worn On Easter Sunday
Solution: Bonnet

Question: First Female Prime Minister Of India Indira
Solution: Gandhi

Question: Healthy Strong Stout
Solution: Robust

Question: Highest Point Of A Hill Or Mountain
Solution: Summit

Question: Hitchcock Film Known For Freaky Shower Scene
Solution: Psycho

Question: Kids Card Game With Questions And Answers
Solution: Go fish

Question: Liverpool Airport Is Named After John
Solution: Lennon

Question: Male Equivalent Of Witch Magical Powers
Solution: Wizard

Question: Puff Flaky Treat With Layers Of Fat
Solution: Pastry

Question: Salty Pie With Meat And Vegetables
Solution: Pot pie

Question: School Notebook Bound By Metal Wire
Solution: Spiral

Question: Sever All Contact Or Acknowledgement
Solution: Disown

Question: Sliding Paper Walls In Japanese Houses
Solution: Fusuma

Question: Spell Caster With A Wand
Solution: Wizard

Question: Steering Connects Steering Wheel To Mechanism
Solution: Column

Question: Stylus For Playing Records
Solution: Needle

Question: Fair Summer Festivals 4H Club
Solution: County

Question: Gordon Levitt Tommy On 3rd Rock From The Sun
Solution: Joseph

Question: Knoxville Of Jackass Fame
Solution: Johnny

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