Codycross Culinary Arts Group 136 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: A Place To Sleep In When Away On Business
Solution: Hotel room

Question: A Place To Sleep In When Travelling
Solution: Hotel room

Question: Albuquerque Is A Major City In This State
Solution: New mexico

Question: Birthing Surgery From Roman Times
Solution: Caesarean

Question: Comic Strip Turned Into A Warren Beatty Movie
Solution: Dick tracy

Question: Fading Away Evaporating
Solution: Vanishing

Question: In Music To Get Louder Gradually
Solution: Crescendo

Question: Monk And The Highest Authority In Tibetan Buddhism
Solution: Dalai lama

Question: Person Who Creates Utensils For Specific Tasks
Solution: Toolmaker

Question: Place Light Behind A Subject
Solution: Backlight

Question: Pool Attire
Solution: Swimsuits

Question: Popular Herb Aka Cilantro Or Chinese Parsley
Solution: Coriander

Question: Publications That Are Full Of Recipes
Solution: Cookbooks

Question: Schrodingers Famous Cat Question Quantum
Solution: Mechanics

Question: Tractor Implement For Tillage Aka Flat Lifter
Solution: Subsoiler

Question: Sponge Shrimp Pairs Live Inside Barrel Sponges
Solution: Commensal

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