Codycross Culinary Arts Group 136 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: Area Of A River Where Currents Run Extremely Fast
Solution: Rapids

Question: Assignees Representatives
Solution: Agents

Question: Black And Tan Hound Such As Snoopy
Solution: Beagle

Question: Cars 2 Is The To The 2006 Original Film
Solution: Sequel

Question: Converging Point Remote Quiet Place
Solution: Corner

Question: Dance Music Causing Change Of Consciousness
Solution: Trance

Question: Desert Horned Has Many Different Horns All Over
Solution: Lizard

Question: Distress Signal For Planes Ships And Boats
Solution: Mayday

Question: Endocrine Gland Produces Melatonin Serotonin
Solution: Pineal

Question: Hogans Show Found The Humor In POW Camp
Solution: Heroes

Question: Imperial Garden Lions Ward Off Evil
Solution: Fudogs

Question: Indiana Jones Favorite Hat
Solution: Fedora

Question: Indiana Jones Preferred Hat
Solution: Fedora

Question: Land Left Behind By Jacob Because Of Famine
Solution: Canaan

Question: Liam Actor In Taken
Solution: Neeson

Question: Liam Actor In Taken And Star Wars
Solution: Neeson

Question: Major US Airline Headquartered In Chicago
Solution: United

Question: More Common Name For Dried Plums
Solution: Prunes

Question: Newspaper Boss
Solution: Editor

Question: Pagurus Hermit Crab Is The Hermit Crab
Solution: Common

Question: Robert Jr Actor In Iron Man
Solution: Downey

Question: Slender Tube Of Wood With A Core Of Graphite
Solution: Pencil

Question: Small Flat Round Millennial Seed
Solution: Lentil

Question: Take For Granted Without Proof Suppose
Solution: Assume

Question: The Man Who Works The Circus Lights
Solution: Shanty

Question: Thinking Something Specific Will Happen Anticipate
Solution: Expect

Question: To Help Give Support Aid
Solution: Assist

Question: Weapons Of Love Carried By Cupid
Solution: Arrows

Question: Grieg Norwegian Composer Of Folk Music
Solution: Edvard

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