Codycross Culinary Arts Group 135 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: Alternate Route Around Construction
Solution: Detour

Question: Anything To Do With Nerves Nerve Cells
Solution: Neural

Question: Back To Dreaded By Kids Anticipated By Parents
Solution: School

Question: Buffy The Vampire Supernatural Drama Series
Solution: Slayer

Question: Build A House And Make It Your Home
Solution: Settle

Question: Gives Off Oozes
Solution: Exudes

Question: Guardians Of The Actor Chris Pratt
Solution: Galaxy

Question: Handheld Grain Cutting Agricultural Tool
Solution: Sickle

Question: Inflamed Oil Gland Infected Pus Pocket On Skin
Solution: Pimple

Question: Italian Artist Of Renaissance Religious Works
Solution: Giotto

Question: Large Container To Keep Dirty Clothes
Solution: Hamper

Question: Laundry Basket In The US Picnic Basket In The UK
Solution: Hamper

Question: Low Lying Land Tract Enclosed By Dikes
Solution: Polder

Question: Marsupial From Australia Largest In Possum Species
Solution: Cuscus

Question: Mechanism That Shows Data Measurement
Solution: Analog

Question: Pannier For Carrying Eggs
Solution: Basket

Question: Rain Before Seven Fine By Goes The Proverb
Solution: Eleven

Question: Robin House Of Cards Princess Bride Actress
Solution: Wright

Question: Scooping Constellation Can Be Big Or Small
Solution: Dipper

Question: Season When Leaves Change Color Fall
Solution: Autumn

Question: Season When Leaves Change Hue Also Known As Fall
Solution: Autumn

Question: Sheds Feathers Or Pet Hair
Solution: Moults

Question: Shere Khan The Tiger Disneys Jungle Book
Solution: Bengal

Question: Shop Staff Are Called To Clean Up Spills Via This
Solution: Tannoy

Question: Something That Is Lent Or Borrowed
Solution: Loaned

Question: Song By Adele Water Under The
Solution: Bridge

Question: The Great F Scott Fitzgerald Legendary Book
Solution: Gatsby

Question: To Put Money Or Time Into A Venture Or Person
Solution: Invest

Question: Typically A Golfers Last Club
Solution: Putter

Question: Young Pigeons
Solution: Squabs

Question: Pollux Mythic Twins Give Their Name To Stars
Solution: Castor

Question: Eruption Dissolved CO2 Aka Lake Overturn
Solution: Limnic

Question: Puzzle 500 1000 Pieces To Put Together
Solution: Jigsaw

Question: Of Paris Marked End Of US Revolutionary War
Solution: Treaty

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