Codycross Culinary Arts Group 133 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: A Little Tower Often At A Corner Of A Building
Solution: Turret

Question: Basis For An Action Event Belief Fact
Solution: Reason

Question: Black Ball Sponge Is A Black
Solution: Sphere

Question: Building Used For Spiritual Rituals
Solution: Temple

Question: Cocky Arrogant
Solution: Uppity

Question: Hungry Hungry Marble Eating Mammals
Solution: Hippos

Question: Japanese Stock Exchange
Solution: Nikkei

Question: Lung Disorder Including Difficulty Breathing
Solution: Asthma

Question: Occupation Usually Associated With The Circus
Solution: Barker

Question: One Was Named After Jonathan Swift On Martian Moon
Solution: Crater

Question: Oscar The Grouch Was Originally Not Green
Solution: Orange

Question: Oval Where The US President Works
Solution: Office

Question: Paris Landmark Tower
Solution: Eiffel

Question: Real Life Mannequins
Solution: Models

Question: San Jose Play At The SAP Center At San Jose
Solution: Sharks

Question: Scoop Mud From River Bed
Solution: Dredge

Question: Second Chance In Court Case
Solution: Appeal

Question: Seed Of A Tree Common Food
Solution: Almond

Question: Separate Viewing Spot On A Computer Screen
Solution: Window

Question: Squeezed A Cows Udders
Solution: Milked

Question: To Hit Or Strike Someone With Great Force
Solution: Wallop

Question: To Pierce The Body With A Sharp Stake Or Item
Solution: Impale

Question: Utensil Used To Suck Up Excess Liquid
Solution: Baster

Question: Vehicle To Lean Tip To One Side While Moving
Solution: Careen

Question: Year Of Zodiac Sign That Is Happy In Mud
Solution: The pig

Question: Fonteyn English Ballet Dancer
Solution: Margot

Question: Spielbergs ET The Extra Terrestrial
Solution: Steven

Question: Times A Charles Chaplins Classic
Solution: Modern

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