Codycross Culinary Arts Group 131 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: Band Of Tissues Connecting Muscles To Bone
Solution: Tendon

Question: Became King Of Saudi Arabia In 2015
Solution: Salman

Question: Beer Is One Of The Worlds Alcoholic Beverages
Solution: Oldest

Question: Broadcasting On TV Or Radio
Solution: Airing

Question: Butted Against Like A Male Sheep
Solution: Rammed

Question: Categories Of Literature Music Art And Movies
Solution: Genres

Question: Champion Racecar Driver Villeneuve
Solution: Gilles

Question: Coin Operated Game Place For Kids To Play
Solution: Arcade

Question: Dwarf Like Demon Mischievous Monster
Solution: Goblin

Question: Fiji Is An Nation
Solution: Island

Question: George Famed English Painter Of Horses
Solution: Stubbs

Question: Individual Pieces That Make Up A Fence
Solution: Paling

Question: It Is Whats Happening
Solution: Action

Question: Kill Doctor Lucky Is A Humorous Of Clue
Solution: Parody

Question: Largest European Country By Area
Solution: Russia

Question: Taken Without Permission
Solution: Stolen

Question: Tech Company Working On Driverless Car Fleet
Solution: Google

Question: The Black Death Was One Of These
Solution: Plague

Question: The Black Killed Millions In The 14th Century
Solution: Plague

Question: Vast Treeless Region With Freezing Temperatures
Solution: Tundra

Question: Venus Is Also Called The Earths Planet
Solution: Sister

Question: Down Shirt More Formal Shirt Requires Ironing
Solution: Button

Question: Girl California Girl With Own Language
Solution: Valley

Question: Grouper Has Brown And White Stripes
Solution: Nassau

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