Codycross Culinary Arts Group 130 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: A Seat On A Camels Elephants Back
Solution: Howdah

Question: Backgammon Is One Of The Board Games
Solution: Oldest

Question: Beer Or Lemonade Combo
Solution: Shandy

Question: Broadest Part Of A Cut Gem Also An Undergarment
Solution: Girdle

Question: Carpet Cleaner
Solution: Vacuum

Question: Couch A Lazy Person TV Aficionado
Solution: Potato

Question: Country With The Same Name As Its Capital City
Solution: Panama

Question: Drum Shaped Like A Tapered Cylinder From Nigeria
Solution: Ashiko

Question: Film About The Vietnam War The Green
Solution: Berets

Question: First Non Believing Stage Of Grief
Solution: Denial

Question: Greek Goddess Of Magic And Witchcraft
Solution: Hecate

Question: Large Group Of Singers
Solution: Chorus

Question: Las Vegas State
Solution: Nevada

Question: Marionette
Solution: Puppet

Question: Not Sacred
Solution: Unholy

Question: Observer Watcher
Solution: Viewer

Question: Post Pub Food But Greek Or Turkish In Origin
Solution: Kebabs

Question: Secretion Plugging A Pore Blackhead Zit
Solution: Comedo

Question: Shaun Whites Nickname The Flying
Solution: Tomato

Question: Shrink Back In Horror
Solution: Recoil

Question: Small Bag You Hold With Your Hands
Solution: Clutch

Question: Small Evening Bag Held In The Hands
Solution: Clutch

Question: Sodium Bicarbonate Aka This Common Soda
Solution: Baking

Question: Spaceship In The First Planet Of The Apes
Solution: Icarus

Question: Starchy Dough Stuffed In A Corn Husk Mexican Dish
Solution: Tamale

Question: Statue Near Cairo With Womans Head Lion Body
Solution: Sphinx

Question: The Road Is Known For Speed A Cartoon Character
Solution: Runner

Question: Write Something Down As Evidence
Solution: Record

Question: Boilermakers Play Football At Ross Ade Stadium
Solution: Purdue

Question: And Terri Twins At School In The Simpsons
Solution: Sherri

Question: The Redhead On Scooby Doo
Solution: Daphne

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