Codycross Culinary Arts Group 129 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: A Night Counsellor
Solution: Pillow

Question: A Whirling Mass Of Fluid Or Air
Solution: Vortex

Question: Aerialists Who Jump Through The Air To Be Caught
Solution: Flyers

Question: Authorities Commands
Solution: Powers

Question: Care Tags With Washing Tips
Solution: Labels

Question: Endocardium Is The Inside Of The Heart
Solution: Lining

Question: Fifty Of Grey
Solution: Shades

Question: Found In Plaster Of Paris
Solution: Gypsum

Question: Fractured Into Pieces
Solution: Broken

Question: Garment To Keep Hot Weather Off Babys Head
Solution: Sun hat

Question: Head Is Laid On This At Night
Solution: Pillow

Question: Hot Spring That Shoots Up Old Faithful
Solution: Geyser

Question: Income And Expenditure Estimate
Solution: Budget

Question: Italian Cured Sausage
Solution: Salami

Question: Lettered Dice Word Finding Game
Solution: Boggle

Question: Popular For Seasoning Will Keep Vampires Away
Solution: Garlic

Question: Professional Who Takes Clients In Cars Or Limousines
Solution: Driver

Question: Showtime Series About Lovable Serial Killer
Solution: Dexter

Question: Someone Who Only Reads Discussions Never Talks
Solution: Lurker

Question: Stretch Out Hold Out Make Larger Or Longer
Solution: Extend

Question: Talk Incoherently
Solution: Mumble

Question: The Night Van Gogh Evening Masterpiece
Solution: Starry

Question: The Capital Of Bahrain
Solution: Manama

Question: What Livestock Eats
Solution: Fodder

Question: Wood For Building Ships And Houses
Solution: Timber

Question: Hours Time When Businesses Are Open
Solution: Office

Question: Room People Have To Solve Puzzles To Break Out
Solution: Escape

Question: Corpus Latin Term Means You May Have The Body
Solution: Habeas

Question: The Bruce King Of Scots Revered As A Hero
Solution: Robert

Question: Dazs Continental Sounding US Ice Cream Brand
Solution: Haagen

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