Codycross Culinary Arts Group 128 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: A Small Opening Through Which Small Arms Are Fired
Solution: Loophole

Question: Float Appear To Be Suspended In Mid Air
Solution: Levitate

Question: Funds A Movie Or Album
Solution: Producer

Question: Gathers Ripe Crops
Solution: Harvests

Question: Im Not The Only One And Lay Me Down Singer
Solution: Sam smith

Question: La Verdi Opera From A Play By Alexandre Dumas
Solution: Traviata

Question: Large Flat Space In Front Of A Garage
Solution: Driveway

Question: Large Ray With Horns On Each Side Of Mouth
Solution: Devil ray

Question: Lowest Rating In Military Shooting
Solution: Marksman

Question: One Must Break Eggs To Make This
Solution: Omelette

Question: One Word More Than One Stem
Solution: Compound

Question: Pete Rose Banned From Hall Of Fame For This Sin
Solution: Gambling

Question: Soft Sheets To Keep Babies And Others Warm
Solution: Blankets

Question: Surgery To Make People Look Younger
Solution: Facelift

Question: With The Rain In Three Dog Night Hit
Solution: Shambala

Question: Clothes Apparel By Famous Creators
Solution: Designer

Question: Of Arabia Won The Academy Awards In 1963
Solution: Lawrence

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