Codycross Culinary Arts Group 127 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: Anti Colonial Kikuyu Uprising In Kenya In The 50s
Solution: Mau mau

Question: Call Back Revoke Or Annul
Solution: Repeal

Question: Capital Of Spain
Solution: Madrid

Question: Character That Goes Through Few Changes
Solution: Static

Question: Committed A Crime Offense Violation
Solution: Guilty

Question: Common Herb Used On Potatoes And Other Dishes
Solution: Chives

Question: Device That Sends Data To A Computer Network
Solution: Router

Question: Device Used To Gain Internet Access
Solution: Router

Question: Engaged In An Action Moving Working
Solution: Active

Question: Frodo Baggins Lord Of The Ring Star Wood
Solution: Elijah

Question: Fry Food In A Pan Without A Lot Of Oil
Solution: Panfry

Question: Greg Australian Golfer Nicknamed The Shark
Solution: Norman

Question: Hollow Drinking Tubes Invented By Marvin Stone
Solution: Straws

Question: Italian Company Makes Espresso And Gelato Machines
Solution: Gaggia

Question: Less Than Enough Barely Covering
Solution: Skimpy

Question: Mega Toy Brand Owns Playskool Parker Brothers
Solution: Hasbro

Question: Month Between July And September
Solution: August

Question: Music Group Formed With Six People
Solution: Sextet

Question: Operas Paid Protesters
Solution: Claque

Question: Particle That Doesnt Undergo Strong Interactions
Solution: Lepton

Question: Spend These In India Or Mauritius
Solution: Rupees

Question: Sticky Part Of A Flower That Receives The Pollen
Solution: Stigma

Question: The ABC Sitcom About Midwestern Family
Solution: Middle

Question: The Terrifying Piece By Edvard Munch
Solution: Scream

Question: The Game Clue In The UK
Solution: Cluedo

Question: US Swimmer Lied About Robbery In Rio De Janeiro
Solution: Lochte

Question: Wacky Races Driver Of The Crimson Haybailer
Solution: Red max

Question: Zinedine Frenchman With Famous Headbutt
Solution: Zidane

Question: Keys Broke Through In 2001 With Fallin
Solution: Alicia

Question: Bluff Deception Over Telling The Truth
Solution: Double

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