Codycross Culinary Arts Group 126 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: 1 In Every 4 Lobsters Are Blue
Solution: Million

Question: A Ring Shaped Object Structure Or Region
Solution: Annulus

Question: ATV Aka All Vehicle
Solution: Terrain

Question: Act Of Choosing And Purchasing Vacation Ticket
Solution: Booking

Question: Chair Filled With Pellets
Solution: Beanbag

Question: Flight Paperwork Delivered Electronically
Solution: E ticket

Question: Frozen Lump For Cooling Drinks
Solution: Ice cube

Question: Growth Ring In A Cross Section Of Tree Trunk
Solution: Annulus

Question: Intimidating Winter Sport
Solution: Ski jump

Question: Mythical Bird That Is Reborn From Ashes
Solution: Phoenix

Question: Nationality Of Hercule Poirot
Solution: Belgian

Question: Nutritious Starch From A Root Source Of Tapioca
Solution: Cassava

Question: Padded Inner Surface Of A Billiards Table
Solution: Cushion

Question: Past Tense Of Bespeak
Solution: Bespoke

Question: Place On Ship Where Things Are Stored
Solution: Stowage

Question: Play Boisterously Cavort
Solution: Skylark

Question: Roller Wheeled Sport
Solution: Skating

Question: Shonda Rhimes Take On Political Misdeeds
Solution: Scandal

Question: Small Country In South Africa Capital Is Maseru
Solution: Lesotho

Question: Toronto Construction Once The Worlds Tallest
Solution: Cn tower

Question: Armstrong Rubbery Elastic Toy
Solution: Stretch

Question: Hook Is Peter Pans Nemesis
Solution: Captain

Question: Years War Conflict Between France And England
Solution: Hundred

Question: Powder Ensures Makeup Doesnt Move On The Face
Solution: Setting

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