Codycross Culinary Arts Group 125 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: Add Sugar To Something
Solution: Sweeten

Question: Art New Art Style
Solution: Nouveau

Question: Becoming Confused Muddled
Solution: Addling

Question: Brittany Is Known As A Bird Hunting Dog
Solution: Spaniel

Question: Chutes And Board Game With Ups And Downs
Solution: Ladders

Question: Classic Horror Flick With Jack Nicholson The
Solution: Shining

Question: Colorful Mighty Warriors Of 90s Kids Show
Solution: Rangers

Question: Common Normal Typical Level Of A Group Or Class
Solution: Average

Question: Confident
Solution: Assured

Question: Greenlands Norse Ruins Whale Island
Solution: Hvalsey

Question: Harmed Or Punished Somone On Behalf Of Another
Solution: Avenged

Question: Hoofers Footwear With Metal Plates On Toes Heels
Solution: Tap shoe

Question: Iconic Nicholsons Performance In Horror Flick
Solution: Shining

Question: Ivy League University In Boston Massachusetts
Solution: Harvard

Question: Little Fell Great Oaks
Solution: Strokes

Question: Nationality Of The Poet Rumi Of The 13th Century
Solution: Persian

Question: Norma Jean Marilyn Actress Mira
Solution: Sorvino

Question: Real Person Narcos First Season Protagonist
Solution: Escobar

Question: Someone Who Takes Power By Force Or Illegally
Solution: Usurper

Question: The Ability To Keep On Going For A Very Long Time
Solution: Stamina

Question: The Very Attributes That Make A Thing What It Is
Solution: Essence

Question: To Be Turned Or Cast Back Mirror
Solution: Reflect

Question: To Mix Two Things Together
Solution: Combine

Question: To Stay Away From Others Without Having Any Contact
Solution: Isolate

Question: Young Actress Role Often Played By Marilyn Monroe
Solution: Starlet

Question: Of A Geisha Movie Set In Japan
Solution: Memoirs

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