Codycross Culinary Arts Group 124 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: A Disease Caused By Yersinia Pestis
Solution: Plague

Question: A Warning To Stay Alert
Solution: Beware

Question: Anagram Of Listen
Solution: Silent

Question: Bears Running Back Sweetness Walter
Solution: Payton

Question: Big Hitting Golfer Johnson No 1 For 64 Weeks
Solution: Dustin

Question: Caveat Or Let The Buyer Beware
Solution: Emptor

Question: Chemical Element Found In All Plants And Animals
Solution: Carbon

Question: Cleaned With A Feather Tool
Solution: Dusted

Question: Conclusion The End
Solution: Finish

Question: Considered Hotspot For Wine Cheese And Baguettes
Solution: France

Question: Contacts Over The Airwaves
Solution: Radios

Question: Cool Season Mentioned In A Shakespeare Title
Solution: Winter

Question: Egyptian Goddess Represented As A Cat
Solution: Bastet

Question: Film About A Suicidal Babysitter Awarded In 2012
Solution: Curfew

Question: Grammys Emmys Tonys Oscars
Solution: Awards

Question: Jesus Was Betrayed Three Times On This Weekday
Solution: Friday

Question: Main Antagonist In Lord Of The Rings
Solution: Sauron

Question: Mix Of African Spanish And French Cultures
Solution: Creole

Question: Someone Who Seizes People Or Things
Solution: Captor

Question: Southern Sky Constellation Flying Fish
Solution: Volans

Question: The Son Of A Sovereign Or King
Solution: Prince

Question: Underside Opposite Of Top
Solution: Bottom

Question: Video Music Aka VMAs Hosted By MTV
Solution: Awards

Question: Me While I Kiss The Sky Jimi Hendrix
Solution: Excuse

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