Codycross Culinary Arts Group 124 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: A Persons Purse
Solution: Handbag

Question: An Emotional State Or Reaction
Solution: Feeling

Question: Breakfast Food Eaten In The Evening
Solution: Brinner

Question: Can Be Clearly Seen
Solution: Evident

Question: Central Italy Region Known For The Wine
Solution: Tuscany

Question: Chiantishire In Italy
Solution: Tuscany

Question: Chinese Capital Once Known As Peking
Solution: Beijing

Question: Clear Or Plain Sight Understanding
Solution: Evident

Question: Dingos Are A Breed Of From Australia
Solution: Wilddog

Question: Excruciating Pain Suffering Distress
Solution: Anguish

Question: Half Closes Eyes Against The Sun
Solution: Squints

Question: Illicitly Import Items
Solution: Smuggle

Question: In A Barely Discernable Way
Solution: Faintly

Question: Intolerant Of Any Belief That Is Different From Yours
Solution: Bigoted

Question: Laughed Like A Witch
Solution: Cackled

Question: Laurence Brit Legend In Shakespearean Roles
Solution: Olivier

Question: Long Barbed Spear Used For Whaling Sealing
Solution: Harpoon

Question: MTV Prank And Stunt Show
Solution: Jackass

Question: Mechanical Excavator Found At Construction Sites
Solution: Backhoe

Question: Nationality Of Marco Polo And Cesare Borgia
Solution: Italian

Question: Puffing
Solution: Blowing

Question: Regina Bette Davis In The Little Foxes
Solution: Giddens

Question: Seasonal Snow Showers
Solution: Wintery

Question: Stone That Pilgrims Queue To Kiss
Solution: Blarney

Question: The Capital Of Falkland Islands
Solution: Stanley

Question: Sheet Snapshot Of Assets And Liabilities
Solution: Balance

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