Codycross Culinary Arts Group 124 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: Shovel Suit In Deck Of Cards
Solution: Spades

Question: A Fine Place To Leave Your Heart
Solution: Frisco

Question: Ancien Frances Old Monarchical Order
Solution: Regime

Question: Christian Holiday About The Resurrection Of Jesus
Solution: Easter

Question: Donors Give Blood And Sometimes Organs
Solution: Tissue

Question: Endured For A Good Time
Solution: Lasted

Question: Famous Scientist Who Formulated The Laws Of Motion
Solution: Newton

Question: French Term For Cooking Meat Slowly In Its Own Fat
Solution: Confit

Question: Fruity Cupcake Normally Consumed At Breakfast
Solution: Muffin

Question: Head Electrician On A TV Or Movie Production Set
Solution: Gaffer

Question: Individual Asparagus Stems
Solution: Spears

Question: Marshy Boggy Areas
Solution: Swamps

Question: Multi Use Utensil Named After A Relative Fork
Solution: Granny

Question: Omar Starred In Doctor Zhivago
Solution: Sharif

Question: Piles Of Snow Build Up
Solution: Drifts

Question: Popular Red Dressing For Salads
Solution: French

Question: Red And Yellow Clathria Is A Type Of
Solution: Sea fan

Question: Relating To Sight Seeing Optical
Solution: Visual

Question: Rides With A Lance
Solution: Jousts

Question: Short For Magnetic Levitation Transport
Solution: Maglev

Question: Stand Up A Funny Person With A Mic
Solution: Comedy

Question: Stand Up Gig Where A Funny Person Has The Mic
Solution: Comedy

Question: There Are 12 Of These Domiciles In The Horoscope
Solution: Houses

Question: This Material Hangs Papers On Fridges
Solution: Magnet

Question: To Own Up To Something
Solution: Fess up

Question: Use This To Hang Papers Menus On Fridges
Solution: Magnet

Question: The Farm US Government Payoff For Deceased
Solution: Bought

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