Codycross Culinary Arts Group 122 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: Address For A Young Unmarried German Woman
Solution: Fraulein

Question: American Football Is Also Known As
Solution: Gridiron

Question: Casino Card Game Preferred By James Bond
Solution: Baccarat

Question: Concise Saying Maxim Aka Aphorism
Solution: Apothegm

Question: FDRs Chats To A Weary Nation
Solution: Fireside

Question: Foodscraps Leftovers
Solution: Pickings

Question: How Deep Is Heartfelt Song By The Bee Gees
Solution: Your love

Question: Italian Bacon Made From Pork Belly
Solution: Pancetta

Question: Least Near
Solution: Farthest

Question: Medical Device Allows For Urinary Drainage
Solution: Catheter

Question: Notes And Coins Form Part Of A Bankers Collection
Solution: Currency

Question: Patricia Won An Oscar For Boyhood
Solution: Arquette

Question: Scion Of Aeolus Transformed Into A Kingfisher
Solution: Halcyone

Question: Shoot Sprout
Solution: Bourgeon

Question: Spreads Like With Great Speed
Solution: Wildfire

Question: Stig Swedish Manager Of Pop Group ABBA
Solution: Anderson

Question: The Successful Motown Girls Group
Solution: Supremes

Question: The Kind Of Waters That Is Good Fishing In
Solution: Troubled

Question: To Roast Over Hot Coal Or An Open Fire
Solution: Barbecue

Question: Bad Chemistry Teacher Turned Meth Lab Owner
Solution: Breaking

Question: Cross Constellation Motif On The Aussie Flag
Solution: Southern

Question: Persuasion Civil War Film With Gary Cooper
Solution: Friendly

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