Codycross Culinary Arts Group 122 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: American Stoic Painting By Grant Wood
Solution: Gothic

Question: Apples IPad Is One Of These Devices
Solution: Tablet

Question: Celtic Language Not Recognized By The Government
Solution: Breton

Question: Cleans With A Broom
Solution: Sweeps

Question: Emergency Allergy Device Its Cost Rose In 2016
Solution: Epipen

Question: Giant Lion From The Jewish Folklore
Solution: Tigris

Question: Goree Atlantic Slave Trade In Senegal
Solution: Island

Question: Groups Of Witches Who Meet Regularly
Solution: Covens

Question: Invited Visitors
Solution: Guests

Question: Japanese Car Brand
Solution: Toyota

Question: Katie Joey Potter On Dawsons Creek
Solution: Holmes

Question: Many Eat This Stalk With Peanut Butter
Solution: Celery

Question: Meal Choices With Lettuce Tomatoes Cucumber Etc
Solution: Salads

Question: Medieval Womens Head Covering Or For Nuns
Solution: Wimple

Question: Nationality Of The Playwright Moliere
Solution: French

Question: Pool Of Natural Tar Where Animals Sink
Solution: Tarpit

Question: Portland Is This US States Largest City
Solution: Oregon

Question: Put Initials On A Contract
Solution: Signed

Question: Sacramento Kings Jerseys Are And White
Solution: Purple

Question: Similar To Initialized
Solution: Signed

Question: Sustenance For Bon Jovi
Solution: Prayer

Question: The In Their Eyes Argentine 2009 Oscar Winner
Solution: Secret

Question: The Collective Term For Geese
Solution: Gaggle

Question: Two Dimensional Simple Shape 360 Degrees
Solution: Circle

Question: Way Of Gathering Objects From Bottom Of A River
Solution: Dredge

Question: Wrapping Warmth Concealment Blankets
Solution: Covers

Question: Percent Of All Animals Have Six Legs
Solution: Eighty

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