Codycross Culinary Arts Group 122 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: A Revolving Food Tray
Solution: Lazy susan

Question: Barts Teacher Skinners Girlfriend
Solution: Krabappel

Question: Before Things Are Easy They Are Like This
Solution: Difficult

Question: Describes A Soft Elastic Malleable Substance
Solution: Plasticky

Question: Fat Tuesday To Start The Time Before Lent
Solution: Mardigras

Question: Germanic Tribe Attacked Rome In AD 410
Solution: Visigoths

Question: Greatest Vertical Drop On Earth
Solution: Mount thor

Question: Human Powered Tool With A Bit
Solution: Hand drill

Question: Invaders Who Conquered The Roman Empire
Solution: Barbarian

Question: Persisting Nagging
Solution: Lingering

Question: Person Perceived To Be Primitive
Solution: Barbarian

Question: Person Perceived To Be Uncivilized Or Primitive
Solution: Barbarian

Question: Phrase To Address A Monarch
Solution: Your grace

Question: Poet Who Wrote Kubla Khan Samuel
Solution: Coleridge

Question: Queen Of The Nile
Solution: Cleopatra

Question: Road Movie That Defined A Generation
Solution: Easy rider

Question: Sweet Treat Made From The Cacao Bean
Solution: Chocolate

Question: Sweet Treat Used As American Cookie Chips
Solution: Chocolate

Question: These Chips Are Found In Classic American Cookie
Solution: Chocolate

Question: To Use Heat To Seal A Wound Or Destroy Diseases
Solution: Cauterize

Question: Two Types Of Cars Manual And
Solution: Automatic

Question: Type Of Glyph Used In Computing Aka Hack Whack
Solution: Backslash

Question: Won The Printz Award For Novel Looking For Alaska
Solution: John green

Question: Crab Uses Items Around It To Hide
Solution: Decorator

Question: The First Rule Of Is You Do Not Talk About
Solution: Fight club

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