Codycross Culinary Arts Group 121 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Culinary Arts

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Codycross Culinary Arts Answers

Question: A Procedure Done To Improve Ones Appearance
Solution: Facelift

Question: Consider Song By The Artful Dodger In Oliver
Solution: Yourself

Question: Court Cases That Are Tried For A Second Time
Solution: Retrials

Question: Fictional Private Eye Of The Maltese Falcon
Solution: Sam spade

Question: German Surrealist Created The Elephant Celebes
Solution: Max ernst

Question: Hatred Of Marriage
Solution: Misogamy

Question: Home Heating Device Usually Against A Wall
Solution: Radiator

Question: Knives Designed To Be Tossed At Targets
Solution: Throwing

Question: Medicine Usually Comes In The Form Of Pills Or
Solution: Capsules

Question: Pale Round Seed Aka Garbanzo Beans
Solution: Chickpea

Question: Paraffin Flammable Liquid Derived From Petroleum
Solution: Kerosene

Question: Politically Towards Socialism
Solution: Left wing

Question: Small Cylindrical Cases That Contain Medicine
Solution: Capsules

Question: Small Storage Space In A Car
Solution: Glove box

Question: Small Toothed Whales Aka Mereswine
Solution: Porpoise

Question: Someone Who Conducts A Machine Or Other Equipments
Solution: Operator

Question: Specific Exact
Solution: Definite

Question: The Disneys Smash African 1994 Hit
Solution: Lion king

Question: The Shape Of A Fungus Before It Releases Spores
Solution: Puffball

Question: To Brits It Is Paraffin To Americans
Solution: Kerosene

Question: To Engage In Combat With Lances On Horseback
Solution: Jousting

Question: US Tire Manufacturer With Winged Shoe Logo
Solution: Goodyear

Question: Used Or Seen Daily
Solution: Everyday

Question: Srihari Indian Sculptor
Solution: Bholekar

Question: Dont Make A Mountain Out Of A
Solution: Molehill

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