Codycross Casino Group 280 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Red Italian Lager Brewery
Solution: Peroni

Question: Ancient Country To The West Of The Black Sea
Solution: Thrace

Question: Being Propelled By Wings
Solution: Flying

Question: Common Assemblies Of Witches
Solution: Covens

Question: Country With Second Highest No Of Casinos 2017
Solution: Canada

Question: Dark And Shadowy
Solution: Gloomy

Question: Evergreen Trees Oil Repels Moths Mosquitoes
Solution: Cedars

Question: Gallows
Solution: Gibbet

Question: Jamaican Music Style Favoured By Marley
Solution: Reggae

Question: Laboured Or Processed
Solution: Worked

Question: Queen Of Soul Franklin
Solution: Aretha

Question: Sickening It Sticks In Your
Solution: Gullet

Question: Spains Top Level Football League
Solution: La liga

Question: Toiled Or Processed
Solution: Worked

Question: Bears Play At McLane Stadium In Waco
Solution: Baylor

Question: Fall Apart Chinua Achebe On Imperialism
Solution: Things

Question: Rockwells World An American Dream
Solution: Norman

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