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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: Also Called Double Magnum
Solution: Jeroboam

Question: Another Name For Greece The Republic
Solution: Hellenic

Question: Edge Of A Dress At Or Below The Throat
Solution: Neckline

Question: Fabric That Has Been Sprayed And Stiffened
Solution: Starched

Question: Field Focuses On Old Age
Solution: Gerocomy

Question: Francois Gargantua And Pantagruel Writer
Solution: Rabelais

Question: Gathering Congregation Convocation
Solution: Assembly

Question: Highest Part Of A Dress
Solution: Neckline

Question: Not Within What Is Legal
Solution: Unlawful

Question: Official Document Signed By The Bride And Groom
Solution: Register

Question: Pulsated Oscillated
Solution: Vibrated

Question: Relating To The Brain
Solution: Cerebral

Question: Scalp Living Insects Feeding And Laying Eggs
Solution: Head lice

Question: Slovenian Body Of Water With Ancient Island Church
Solution: Lake bled

Question: Small Group Of Stars
Solution: Asterism

Question: Smythes Comic Character
Solution: Andy capp

Question: Someone Who Looks For And Finds A Way Out
Solution: Escapist

Question: Surname Of Norm In Cheers
Solution: Peterson

Question: Term Used To Describe Working Extra Hours
Solution: Overtime

Question: Wendy Schaal Voices In American Dad
Solution: Francine

Question: You Can Make A Mountain Out Of One
Solution: Molehill

Question: Wildcats Play Football At Commonwealth Stadium
Solution: Kentucky

Question: Fork Long Handled Tool For Cooking On Fires
Solution: Toasting

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