Codycross Casino Group 280 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Casino Answers

Question: A Bar At The Bergere Manet Painting
Solution: Folies

Question: Bald Headed Uncle Of The Addams Family
Solution: Fester

Question: Black Eye
Solution: Shiner

Question: Cocktail Similar To Manhattan Scottish Outlaw
Solution: Rob roy

Question: Congress Of 1815 Meeting Of European Minds
Solution: Vienna

Question: Dee Lead Singer Of Drag Band Twisted Sister
Solution: Snider

Question: Designer And Snapper Of Marilyn Monroe
Solution: Beaton

Question: Hard Rigid Coverings Or Supports Of Animals
Solution: Shells

Question: Make A Careless Mistake
Solution: Slip up

Question: Money Maker
Solution: Minter

Question: Moved In For A Close Up On A Camera
Solution: Zoomed

Question: Opossum Shrimp Technically
Solution: Mysids

Question: Person Whose Job Is To Make Coins Money Maker
Solution: Minter

Question: Pythia Was The Priestess And Oracle Here
Solution: Delphi

Question: Tex Is A 1982 Disney Film Starring Matt
Solution: Dillon

Question: Tracy Appears In Books By Jacqueline Wilson
Solution: Beaker

Question: Worlds Deepest Lake In Southern Siberia
Solution: Baikal

Question: Beef Hash Easy Pie With Mash And Tinned Meat
Solution: Corned

Question: Was The Plow King In The Simpsons
Solution: Barney

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